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2. No pedophilia (all the people from pictures & videos have to be min 18 years old).
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6. No arms, drugs or other illegal activities.

Do you want to protect your Twitter & Instagram content?

As you may know, Instagram has zero tolerance towards nudity & porn, while Twitter, although it tolerates it, both networks ban adult oriented accounts, which means that all the content you uploaded there and the hundreds of hours (days?) you worked are TOTALLY LOST, together with the followers!

What can you do to save all these?

1. Create an account here on Net4sw.com

2. Link your Twitter account to your Net4sw using this free service


All the tweets and retweets from Twitter.com/EroAwardBTC go to Net4sw.com/@EroAward, like you can see below:



Interested to link also your Instagram account?

Use https://ifttt.com/search/query/twitter%20instagram?tab=applets to automatically post your Instagram pictures as NATIVE photos on Twitter (not just the link to instagram picture), and then link your Twitter to Net4sw with the crossposter above!

All the instaposts from Instagram.com/eroaward go also to Twitter.com/EroAwardBTC, as you can see here:



Now your pictures & videos from Instagram & Twitter are all uploaded also to Net4sw, and you (almost) DOUBLE your results, by automatically having your content uploaded on another network, that is adult friendly, well indexed by Google and other search engines, while building back links to your tweets and sites! Beside, if you use sites as https://itsmyurls.com or https://linktr.ee to group all your links together and put it in all your bios accounts, add also your Net4sw profile, so your fans can follow you also on this adult friendly network, where you will NEVER lose content or friends! Work SMARTER, not Harder!!!