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Our State of Play swinger survey found 1 in 10 women has struggled with stalking/aggressive behavior. Sad to hear but good to shine a light on it. Spread the word and together we can make swinging better for all.

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Do whatever the fuck you want. Because in the end, people are assholes and will judge you anyway.

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Is part of “normalizing” the discussion on non-monogamy tied to younger swingers being open about the lifestyle? Taara & James for instance, not only talk openly but are “out” with their names and faces too. 🎧 spoti.fi/2L1OEgn or apple.co/3hJE0Hm @sxuninterrupted@twitter.com

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Allowing society to gain the amazing benefits that are available to everyone who has lived in such a healthy lifestyle. Never feel shame only pride for the Slut name.

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For both our physical and mental health. I dream that one day a few generations from now, sex will be given the priority it should have in daily life with everyone having moved beyond the mental and social chains our minds are bound up in.

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We need to stop believing that indulging in the act of sex multiple times daily making it important enough to spend hours on it, is somehow wrong and in fact actually bad for an individual and society too. The opposite is actually true. It is actually very beneficial.

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Making it an important and integral part of each day for everyone, needs priority no excuses. We are blessed as humans to be able to enjoy sexual stimulation in a very intense and enjoyable way, even gaining a multitude of benefits physically and mentally as well.

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Our brain is our biggest sex organ, whether it helps or hinders things it can't be ignored that it is really in control. But our sexual organs and erogenous zones still 9make up a big portion of our bodies. It's time for society begin to accept we are all built to cum.

Adult Biz Week: Classification Reform eros.org.au/adult-biz-week-cla
Keep your fingers crossed Australia. Let's hope a fair and proper decision is reviewed and our government doesn't continue to keep their heads buried in the sand...

Hi to all my fellow Sluts


Let's hold our heads high as we open our legs wide...there IS NO SHAME in owning the slut name

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