This was taken and edited by my 10year old yesterday, a great wallpaper for my phone, she really has a good eye.

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Did you know that The Clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings and is the only body part that exists purely for PLEASURE. How cool is the clit? 😍


Vote for in the MV Awards for MV ______ of the Year in production, exclusive content, pics, vids and contact with the models. Competitions and some personal effects for sale eventually.

I think we can finally say we are home in the house of slut. Enjoy and let us know your feelings about what you want to see to get hard as rock or as wet as a waterfall.

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Non-monogamy with kids? 🐥👶🏼, by
No shame, no discrimination, no fear, not here! We have 4 kids, never hidden our lifestyle choice like it's so depraved it will ruin their mental health or be grounds for them to be removed from our care.
This really is important reading for everyone. Time to put a sad myth about being too old to bed, it gets better not boring, practice makes perfect and acceptance gives an attitude of understanding sometimes blinded by the beauty of youth. Excellent conversations that help not only when you think on the answers you find, but also with some advice that some intelligent and enlightened members put to into words. Giving different viewpoints you may never have looked from to improve yourself.

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