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👁️ Conoces estos juguetes? Pues este año en la primera edición online del tenemos muchas sorpresas reservadas para ti ⌨️



Quiero conocer gente nueva 🔥 RT y te mando MD 🥵💫



Le regalo un dildo a mi chica y después follamos como desesperados !!




Love it 🍑 or not? 🤔☺


RT 🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥
Follow That Ass!!
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Hi, @InBedWithKate, @capitanoeric, @felipeguerramodelo, @Tommycabrio and welcome to our Network!

Would you add an avatar, background, description and add your profile to the Profiles Directory here

you can find some tips.

Thank you all and let's make Net4SW the Greatest for !!!

@Net4SW I was asking not because this site is not like Twitter but so I can promote this site on Twitter to give it more exposure and so more Sex Workers can know about it.

We are Net4SW - the NETwork for Sex Workers & Swingers!

Like Twitter, but better & Adult friendly! :)

(sexy influencers, , , companies, , , , , studios & porn producers, traffic, payments, designers, freelancers...ALL WELCOME!!!)

We are delighted to announce you that we are exclusive sponsors for - the in adult industry!

We are nominated as

255 Best Adult Social Network

at !

Please vote for us everyday and help us win!!!

Thanks for all your support & interest... is getting closer to launch, and soon we will also include the Bitcoin payments.

All the accounts here have to be Private / Locked and soon, for those who want, with bitcoin Paid Membership. The only account Public is @EroAward. If you want a Public account, please open one here

Todas las cuentas aquí tienen que ser Privadas / Lock y pronto, para aquellos que quieran, con Membresía Pagada con bitcoin. La única cuenta pública es @EroAward. Si deseas una cuenta pública & gratis, abra una aquí

Please use this profile as model for your Links and Profile description

In first 2 Links, put

& (later, if you want to sell your services here, you can add the shopping cart that we launch soon).

& or your profile there. Is not obligatory to open an account with Net4SW, but is obligatory to add it here as the 2nd link, as they are #EroAward2020 Sponsor.

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the Network for Sex Workers & Swingers.

Net4SW is the only NETwork for Sex Workers & Swingers! Like Twitter, but better & Adult friendly, free, descentralised, open-source and based on Mastodon federated networks, dedicated to: fans, sexy influencers, Goddesses & Gods, CamModels, PornStars, fetish stars, promoters, companies, affiliates, webmasters, cam studios, porn studios & porn producers, traffic, payments, designers, freelancers, events organisers, etc...ALL WELCOME! :)