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Día lluvioso
Mojada os espero 💋
21 de Noviembre llegan los premios mas votados de la industria Adulta 🏆 @EroticCamAwards@twitter.com


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Will eat the world and become the global reserve currency?

@pierre_rochard@twitter.com makes the case that it will.

Sponsored by @Bullish@twitter.com youtu.be/o9A18dP3fd8 and @thisisarculus@twitter.com

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4. Climax

Bring on the drama.

Jobs says “Apple is going to reinvent the phone.”

He was right

But think about how bold that claim was in 2007 before anyone had heart the word “iPhone.”

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On commence la semaine par une photo de @w_projet@twitter.com ❤️ Gros bisous mes loulous ❤️

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Nos encanta ver y ser vistos!! Mmmm!! 😈

Haz RT y ♥️ si lo has hecho alguna vez o te gustaría probarlo! 👇🏼👀

Qué parejas se apuntan a vernos y dejarse ver? 🔥

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I got lost on an Island ☀️🏝
The one who will find me will be reward! 😉😜

Naked pic in dm 🤭

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Orgullosos de nuestras chicas y su gran potencial.
Hoy orgullosos felicitamos a nuestras 5 modelos que han ganado una estatuilla de @eroaward@twitter.com
Gracias @eroaward@twitter.com Gracias instagr.am/p/CdWyKcxqPBv/

Let's make from Net4sw.com
"the New "!

Join us for FREE and let's create something even bigger!!!

Let's make from Net4sw.com
"the New "!

Join us for FREE and let's create something even bigger!!!

The majority of instances, that you can interact with, having an account on Stars.EroAward or @Net4sw@twitter.com, are from the richest countries in the world, and on continous expansion:


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