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Boooon día viciosillos 😋 portate bien o ya ves lo k pasa , suscribete a mi bporn y puedes verlo entero 😋💦💦 @BePornOfficial@twitter.com @EroAwardBTC@twitter.com @lilygonzalez_69@twitter.com @NINAHOTXXX@twitter.com @Sweet_Emma_tw@twitter.com @Diosa_Diamante@twitter.com @MilenahotTheone@twitter.com @Perlarubia12@twitter.com @Daniel61240260@twitter.com

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New video on my @ManyVids@twitter.com
By QueenDoribell
Only 3.99 to see my hot video!!!

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We just witnessed one of the most historic weeks in Bitcoin.

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Nation states are adopting as legal tender.

Taproot is locked in.

What a week.

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or , he stole the from the poors to give it to the rich!
( @blackrock@twitter.com ?)


Remember when just before SNL, @elonmusk@twitter.com advised people to not invest too much in ? He prepared his dirty moves long ago! @CryptosR_Us@twitter.com twitter.com/RD_btc/status/1398

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It's funny to hear corrupted politicians talk about how bad $BTC is

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I don’t understand how smart progressives like @SenWarren@twitter.com don’t see how crypto and $BTC shifts power away from rent taking organizations like banks (who she is always fighting) to the people. I am glad to come to DC or Boston to explain. twitter.com/senwarren/status/1

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The President of the Central American Bank (@BCIE_Org@twitter.com), a bank with 13.5 billion dollars in assets, supports our .

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The is


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Finally got to 100K subscribers on YouTube! Never once have I paid for one sub. All organic growth. Thank you to my followers. I will continue on fighting useless FUD, calling out scams and educating people around the world about this incredible space which I truly love.

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Money is a technology. When you understand this, you'll understand why crypto is inevitable.

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The day El Salvador 🇸🇻 passed their legal tender bill, Google searches for "El Salvador real estate" increased by 5,000%.

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@jack@twitter.com No force on earth can stop an idea whose time has come.

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